Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Women are funny creatures

For the past few weeks, i have gotten several numbers from my facebook account. But what stood out is this troubled girl on the same university as me. She struck me as insecure, desperate but at the same time sweet although too cheesy for my taste. Her body would be her only downfall as i rate it a 6.5 out of 10. Although, her face would be a perfect 10 out of 10.

Usually girls with a 10 out of 10 face don't really give off their numbers to strangers. I was puzzled and so i called up and chatted a few people who have pretty much confirmed she was the real deal. At that point in time i was text messaging her for a couple of weeks. I told you guys, she was so desperate earlier because she was implying to go steady with me at the first week we were texting by asking if we could be a couple. So, then like most guys, i agreed.

It wasn't until awhile ago that i got a subtle rejection from her
"Good Morning (my name) I think were doing things fast and then i realized i dont need a relationship just a friend sorry "B" thats the only thing i can offer right now"

Okay umm what? *REWIND*


Her: If your lying down with me right now what would you do?

Me: Honestly, i wont be able to control myself i will make love to you!
(LOL seriously what am i suppose to think right?)

Her: "Baby i am a virgin can we just kiss first i will give you a very torrid experience"


Me: So were not going to meet on the __th?
(cant give the date its a clue to where i study)

Her: No, im sure i will meet my friends. I will just text you when im free
(In girl language thats never)

So, all of a sudden she changed her mind. Great. Epic fail. Although had it ever happened i will go ghetto and tell you upfront: "It ain't just gonna be no torrid kiss yo"


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sex, Dating and Experience

I have had the privilege to study in a college full of women and don't get me wrong i respect women despite my sexual desires towards them. I find that each one is special in her own way but i do have my fetishes and my preferences.

Being around women whom i have regularly talked to about sex and having experienced some sex on my own with different women i have realized things about "Venus" that SOME "Martians" fail to see.

1. Girls already know if you have a chance to sleep or have a relationship with them based on your first impression alone. That is why first impressions are important because it sticks. Show a little danger on how you talk and move but not too much that you'd look like an asshole.

2. Being "too friendly" with a girl for too long lowers the chances of having a relationship or sleeping with her. So if you want to woo a girl and you know she is a little hard to get and it might take time, you make sure she knows what you want with her as subtle and smooth as you possibly could.

3. Always try to kiss her with at least a smack or a simple peck on the lips after the date. You'll be sorry if you didn't. Get some balls. If she avoids you then maybe you did something wrong or she just wanted free lunch from you and other freebies but don't over think it there are many girls out there. Just learn from your mistakes.

4. Learn how to flirt with wittiness or be simple and direct. A smart girl can pick up wittiness while a significantly-less gifted one has to be approached with direct and simple aggression because she can't comprehend you.

5. Sometimes play safe when asking her to go grab a drink if you can't read the girl's personality. Women have a mechanism which automatically triggers when you ask her to drink with you. She automatically thinks you want to sleep with her. So, if you really like the girl date her and get her trust during or on  the 2nd date then ask her to get a drink. Then take advantage? LOL

6. If she puts her head on your shoulder when you put your arm around her on a DATE. Don't be stupid kiss her especially when you are drinking with her. 

7. When you are walking around talking on a first date and it gets awkward hold her hand and you are fine. This just works.

8. If you sleep with a decent girl she will be loyal to you. If after you slept together and nothing happens and she doesn't become obsessed with you, she sleeps with everyone. End of story. (Well, if she did get obsessed and she is a slut its not worth it buddy. You cant fix a broken vase, it is still broken.)

9. Women believe everything when they love you. Without visual, picture and video evidence they'll pretty much believe any alibi even if there is no way out. Just deny.

10. Keep relationships and sexual conquests as secret as you possibly could or it will destroy you. Don't get yourself branded. Don't be stupid.

Finally always REMEMBER experience is always the best teacher not me or not any book!